Makahiki on Maunakea

Maunakea protectors observe a traditional change in season through ceremony
and workshops as the supreme court halts construction.


Supreme Court Halts TMT Construction

Cultural practitioners and activist celebrate as the Hawaiʻi Supreme Court makes a ruling that
will temporarily halt construction of the controversial thirty-meter telescope atop Maunakea.

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TMT Supreme Court Hearing

The Hawaiʻi Supreme Court heard oral arguments today for a case challenging the issuance of the
Conservation District Use Permit by the Board of Land and Natural Resources to the University of
Hawaiʻi at Hilo for the TMT project.

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For the Love of ʻĀina

The Aloha ʻĀina Unity March gathered together people from all around Hawaiʻi,
standing together for the protection of our land, natural resources, and way of life.

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Kapu Aloha 101

The term may be new but the concept is centuries old.


Welcome to ʻŌiwi TV’s Maunakea mini site.

The purpose of this page is to provide a curated resource to educate and inform our audience in relation to the current social movement centered around a stand-off on the slopes of Maunakea to block the construction of the Thirty Meter Telescope. This resource is a growing and dynamic document built from research and existing online sources and we welcome feedback and additional information.

Timeline of Events

ʻŌiwi TV Videos on Maunakea

We have produced several pieces about Maunakea, including the Thirty Meter Telescope in 2009 when the Environment Impact Study was an on-going issue. We will continue our coverage of Maunakea as stories unfold.

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Nā Maka o ka ʻĀina Videos

Mahalo nui to Nā Maka o ka ʻĀina for producing these important films documenting the modern history of Hawaiʻi. For more of their great work, visit their website to purchase DVD’s or watch them all on ʻŌiwi TV.

Nā Maka o ka ʻĀina’s website, Mauna-a-Wakea.info, is an excellent resource to learn more about Maunakea.

Mauna Kea - Temple Under Siege

Mauna Kea – Temple Under Siege paints a portrait of a mountain that has become a symbol of the Hawaiian struggle for physical, cultural and political survival. The program explores conflicting forces as they play themselves out in a contemporary island society where cultures collide daily.

NASA/Keck Outrigger Telescopes Project

In a series of four community meetings on Hawai’i island in October of 2001, representatives from NASA and the W. M. Keck Observatory presented their plan to add six new telescopes to their array atop Maunakea, including proposed plans for restoring disturbed habitat of the rare Wekiu bug.

Comments were received from various Hawaiian, community and environmental groups. This program documents one of the Hilo town meetings, held on October 3, 2001.

Additional Resources

Here are some excellent online resources to learn more about Maunakea and the issue surround the Thirty Meter Telescope:


  1. Ata Damasco 2 years ago

    Mahalo nui loa no nā po’e o ka Lāhui Hawaii ame nā po’e ma ka ‘āina haole no ko ‘õutou kāko’o ‘ia mai I ka ho’ola ana Na ka wahi Pana ‘O Mauna Kea.

    E mau ana ka ho’ola ana ma nā wahi āpau ai no nei I Hawaii. O ia nõ ke tumu I hõala ka maka mai ka moemoe ā na ka po’e I moloā a na ka mea waiwai I Ke kukulu ana ka mea telescope.

    Mai hopohopo ‘õutou! Nā Kupuna ame nā Hulu Makua I ta wā mamua ua hala lākou, aka na’e, e hohu mai lākou ma ka honua nei. Inā hehea mai ‘oe ia lākou, e hui pū ‘ia me kealoha nõ lākou I hala. Mai ‘oe hana pelā! E hana nõ I ka mea ano nui o Hawaii.

    E Mahalo Hou ia ‘õutou āpau! Papakū!

    Amama ua noa!

    Owau mea nõ,
    Ata Damasco

  2. Forest Bremer 2 years ago

    There is a lot of misinformation going around about the Thirty Meter Telescope project. To people who are interested in this issue (pro, against, or undecided), I would encourage them to read up on the facts so they can form an informed opinion and avoid making false claims.

  3. Jan Ululani Allianic 2 years ago

    Mahalo nui loa for all your efforts to broadcast the happenings on Mauna Kea. We the people of Hawaii must continue fighting to save what rightfully belongs to the people of Hawai’i. Every body needs to be seen and heard.

  4. Nicoleadams 2 years ago

    Look in your own backyard people before you spend more billions on space frontiers. Your back yards a disgrace. Across this country, There are thousands of families living in cars, they are the lucky ones. Still trying to go to school, and care for their families. In cars. Thousands more sleep on the sidewalks or underground mole cities. Now they haul them away no one knows where ? Funny how the poor always take the most abuse. As California is beginning to look like the next waste land, as people are leaving in droves. You have other once thriving cities, now vast ghettos, crumbling around the abandoned people that still live there. As thousands of Americans are leaving, seeking asylum from the very country their forefathers fought for and risked their lives to get to. In the first place. Now as this place goes to hell in a basket. People need each other more then ever before.,.look to the people to the left and right of you. Those will be the ones left standing to help each other, because no one else is. Instead of pushing one another away, people need one another in these times. Your back yard is a mess, a hopeless disgrace, please consider those dying and forgotton in your back yard as you head on out to the great outer space frontier, because you did such a bang up job here on earth, might as well spread the joy to the outer realms of space. Yeah schaaaaaaaa….

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