Nā Loea: The Masters | Mac Poepoe: Mālama Moʻomomi

Nā Loea: The Masters | Mac Poepoe: Mālama Moʻomomi

For locals on the rural Hawaiian island of Moloka‘i, the “ice box” isn’t just the refrigerator in their kitchens but the abundant ocean that still provides a main source of sustenance for that community; a community that has fought against development and many modern “conveniences” with great resolve to maintain their unique island lifestyle. Mālama Moʻomomi features “Mac” Poepoe, a native Hawaiian fisherman and community leader on Molokaʻi, who has dedicated his life to sharing his knowledge of traditional resource management with the hope of ensuring that this ocean “ice box” will be well-stocked for generations to come. Mac’s wealth of knowledge and expertise accumulated over his years of growing up in the rigor and lifestyle of a Hawaiian family that has been fishing and maintaining the sustainability of these waters for generations. (It could be said that) Mac is one of a small group (or “one of a dying breed”) of skilled fisherman who approach their practice with a passion not just for the sport of it but to hone and perpetuate their skill and expertise in managing Hawaiʻi’s ocean ecosystems, which is critical to the sustainability of Hawai‘i and its people. This humble fisherman is a giant resource for Hawaiʻi’s future.

Mālama (maah-la-mah)

  • 1. nvt. To take care of, tend, attend, care for, preserve, protect, beware, save, maintain

Moʻomomi (mo-o-mo-me)

  • A coastal area on the northern side of Molokaʻi. The backyard to the Hawaiian homestead community of Hoʻolehua.
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