Sig Zane x Hurley: Loʻi Kalo Release

Sig Zane x Hurley: Loʻi Kalo Release

“You know, when you think about it, like in the chants for example, every time we repeat the chant, something lives on, every time we speak of a place or of a person, the legacy lives on, and here we are in the industry of print, of fashion, and we utilize these designs to really tell the story. And this one is about Hāloa, our eldest brother,” says Sig Zane, who is the Owner and Designer at Sig Zane Designs, at the opening celebration of their new Loʻi Kalo collaboration line.

His son Kūhaʻo, whose idea this design was, expresses the backstory of his work as the Creative Director for SZKAIAO & Sig Zane Designs: “Starting way back in the late 80’s, early 90’s, I used to go down to Uncle Kia Fronda’s place down in the back of Waipiʻo, Puʻueo and just kind of learn the ins and outs around the loʻi, learn the different types of kalo, learn how to plant the huli and how to harvest. So for us, we wanted to do kalo this year to really celebrate Uncle Kia and his property, Puʻueo, and just celebrating us starting that relationship as well as responsibility for kalo.”

Appropriately, Kūhaʻo and Sig Zane are also celebrating another relationship, one with international surf company, Hurley, together hosting an event for the release of their brand new loʻi kalo inspired fashion gear at Ka Papa Loʻi o Kānewai. “We met Sig and Kūhaʻo through Seth McKinney, our general manager in Hawaiʻi and immediately hit it off, like him a lot. Saw the work that he does and it’s amazing. Um, myself, I’ve been doing business in Hawaiʻi for about forty years in the surf industry, with Billabong and then Hurley and it’s nice to get something authentic to work with from Hawaiʻi instead of just trying to commercialize it and to tell a real story, which I continue to learn more about,” says Bob Hurley, Founder and CEO of Hurley.

A Hawaiian proverb, “Ma ka hana ka ʻike” states that you learn by doing, so into the wave of experience they jumped, learning how to kuʻi kalo while being surrounded by community. This is exactly what Kūhaʻo wanted to share with the Hurley team so that they could walk away in their gear with a story to tell, the same story that has kept Kūhaʻo rooted in this new design from day one. “Sig and Kūhaʻo, their family roots are so incredibly deep and uh, it brings us a lot of satisfaction actually, because buying and selling things in the end is not that fun. It really isn’t. But telling a story and interacting with some amazing humans and sharing that is really fun,” says Hurley.

“We have come together with a common goal of you know, sharing a story, of talking about what it is that makes um this lifestyle here in Hawaiʻi so unique,” says Sig Zane. “You know I think that’s for all the ancestors who have toiled here, for all the people who have struggled to maintain culture and you know, who continue to practice today, so it going farther out than Hilo or Honolulu or and you know, reaching other shores I think is a- is a plus for um, for our culture.”

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    Is your organization aware that Kia Fronds is a convicted sex offender:

    He hurt more kids who are too shame to talk about it, I know 2 of them.

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