Neʻepapa 2011

Neʻepapa 2011

Speaking from the 1800s, Kepelino could not have envisioned the recent technological advancements taking place in Hawaiʻi and across the world. He did, however, accurately describe the inclination of Hawaiians to pursue new knowledge. The ʻAha Pūnana Leo preschools follow in this tradition by providing the cultural and educational foundation for a new generation of Hawaiian language speakers. It is with this strong cultural identity that Hawaiians continue to push the bounds of modern technology to preserve our natural resources. This short video, produced for the annual ʻAha Pūnana Leo fundraiser Neʻepapa, includes interviews with leaders of Hawaiʻiʻs sustainability movement such as Keiki-Pua Dancil, Richard Ha, Kekoa Kaluhiwa, Darren Kimura, and Kaʻiu Kimura.


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  1. ImuamHana 12 years ago

    I wouldn’t call Keiki a leader of the movement. She isn’t even with Bio-Cap anymore. Someone posted a site about her references at That doesn’t sound too leaderish to me. Of course after what went on at Hana I’m suprised that’s all there is.–Plans-for-Hana-are-cause-for-concern.htm

  2. waterbury 12 years ago

    I will keep it in mind, thanks for sharing the information keep updating, looking forward for more posts.Thanks

  3. LisaJacobson 12 years ago

    I thought this was a great article. After reading the article,  what does the mauinews article have to do with anything? Although the first linke is a great little depot of information about One of the speakers.

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