Pele Searches for a Home

Pele Searches for a Home

Pele, the primal force of volcanic heat and lava, leaves her ancient home of Kahiki and searches out a new home for herself and her family. As she travels down the Hawaiian island chain, she is pursued by, and battles her eldest sister Nāmaka, the goddess of water and the sea. After a climactic battle on the island of Maui, she finally finds refuge in Kilauea on the Big Island of Hawai‘i.

For additional “Pele Searches for Home” content including the graphic novel and science curriculum, go to the PREL website for E Hoʻomau here:

E Ho‘omau! (To preserve; to learn from the past and perpetuate the good) is a curriculum development project funded under the Native Hawaiian Education Program of the U.S. Department of Education. It begins with the creation of three high quality animated versions of traditional Hawaiian legends, designed to be engaging and culturally appropriate. These are complemented by standards-based written materials and teacher training activities to strengthen language arts and science achievement for Native Hawaiian 4th graders. E Ho‘omau! addresses the need to improve the literacy skills of students of Hawaiian ancestry by integrating evidence-based educational approaches with a visually-rich learning system based on Hawaiian legends. The idea is to elevate student motivation and enhance self-confidence while providing meaningful learning opportunities.

For more Pacific Resources for Education and Learning (PREL) products click here.

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  1. neilpatt 13 years ago

    Vimeo is asking to login to view the video.

  2. OiwiTV1 13 years ago

    Sorry about that Neil. A privacy setting was incorrect on the Vimeo side. Thanks for the heads up.

  3. honesty kaulia 10 years ago


    • Caden 7 years ago

      I found it hard to believe when I first learned about the eugenics agenda behind planned parenthood, but the figures and the curious way that clinics abound in black and hispanic negobhiurhoods tell their own story. This sickening trend was in the back of my mind when I wrote the prolife song

  4. Haneoo Hamoan 9 years ago

    Mahalo NUNUI ‘oiwiTV!!!! for all of your works!!! to all staff and or contributors in every dept. in everyway, MAHALO!!!!!

  5. La'akea 6 years ago

    Aloha, o au ‘o La’akea aia au ma ka papa 2/3 a hele ana au i ka papa 4 I Keia makahiki ‘e a’e. A ‘evalu o’u makahiki a’eiwa ana o’u makahiki maJune 15 . A ai mahalo ia ‘ Oiwi TV no ka hana nui i na wikio a he nui. A maika’i keia ua le’ale’a na wikio a pau. A makemake au ia ‘oukou e hana I na wikio ‘e a’e a mahalo ho’okahi manawa hou ia ‘oe e ‘Oiwi TV.

  6. Keila Halmos 6 years ago

    Can to tell me how to find the version with English subtitles? I know previous times I’ve watched it, the video already had them.

  7. kalola kamahalohanuilai 5 years ago

    maikai loa keia mo’olelo

  8. maile aiwohi 5 years ago

    Could you post other videos below that are similar? or suggestive videos to watch. Like for instance the Menehune Video or Why Maui Snared the sun. If you posted similar videos it may bring more views.

  9. Jane Dorsey 4 years ago

    I think the it’s a good story of Pele because it shows Hawaiian calcher and tridishon of telling stories.?

  10. Jane Dorsey 4 years ago

    I like Pele the most because she is buteful and cool

  11. Jane Dorsey 4 years ago

    I like Pele the most because she is buteful and cool.

  12. alex 4 years ago

    i like pele because she is really cool.

  13. Rhyden 4 years ago

    you guys known kapena.

  14. I love this story because me and my sister Maata vatikani wacthed this island movie but I’m writing a story about me and my sister and it’s a little about this movie but the story I’m using my name and my sisters name and the island movie is so different from moana my god bless you’s ofa atu. from the vatikani family.

  15. kona 1 year ago

    Hey i am a hawaiian

  16. Wailani 1 month ago

    Are there written transcripts for the moʻolelo in ʻolelo Hawaiʻi? Iʻm wanting to read it as it is spoken to increase my listening and reading fluencies as I learn to ʻolelo Hawaiʻi?

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