Panel Discussion On Kānaka Maoli Self-Governance | October 22, 2015

Panel Discussion On Kānaka Maoli Self-Governance | October 22, 2015

ʻAhahui o Hawaiʻi hosted a panel discussion on kanaka maoli self governance on October 22, 2015, at the William S. Richardson School of Law at the University of Hawaiʻi and Mānoa. Panelists were Lilikalā Kameʻeleihiwa, Jon Osorio, Bill Meheula, and Derek Kauanoe.

7:33 Panelist Introductions
12:32 Bill Meheula
23:39 Derek Kauanoe
29:50 Jon Osorio
42:49 Lilikala Kameeleihiwa
54:37 Q&A Start

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  1. Tane 9 years ago

    This exercise is greatly tainted and fosters more confusion while everyone is dancing within the U.S. box and its perverted definitions. This is a wasted effort since they skirt around facts and international law. This enhances the ignorance of the masses since the agenda is U.S. they are not fully informed but buy into U.S. terminology and not international terminology.

  2. Noa Napoleon 9 years ago

    I think Pr. Osorio is right to hold strong suspicion over the role of the democratic party in promoting the narratives that are used to define the objectives of the convention together with its outcomes . Its easy to say the process is separate from OHA money but very different to think you can avoid the power players in the State of Hawaii on a hand shake. For now there does not seem to be much difference between the federal recognition and International law approach where both paths operate from the same premise. That is they both need to struggle purely in terms of deteriorating human condition and in terms of how the states political interests are aligned on this rather than upon the common meaning of the law and the real history that lead us to this moment and that calls to us to settle our differences.

  3. Cisco Julian 9 years ago

    The issue of Hawaiians getting back their lands are not political motivated by party lines. I do disagree that a political party does not want the Hawaiians to get their lands back, if Obama was a true born Hawaiian he would have at lease helped the Hawaiian people in his first term in office, it does not take 8 years to push the issue about Hawaiians being wronged by the US government . As far as the rest of the issue of getting the Hawaiians and non-Hawaiians that live in Hawaii to bond together and right the wrong. I’m glad at lease we have a place and forum to express our feelings and concerns about the future of the Hawaiian people. The key to any problem solving is education and knowledge and understanding the History of the subject or agenda you are fighting for. Aloha

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