Kapu Aloha 101: Ke Kula o Maunakea

Kapu Aloha 101: Ke Kula o Maunakea

Kapu Aloha: the term may be new but the concept is centuries old. Modern “koa kapu aloha,” or kapu aloha warriors, are making a stand with the true dignity of our kūpuna. The approach may be a road less travelled in our recent past but it is one our kupuna are teaching us about once again, along with many other haʻawina in the malu o Maunakea. Meet some of those who have been transforming, and have been transformed by, this Kapu Aloha movement while making sure that this sacred approach is the only one that can be had on this sacred mauna as differing sides come together to at least agree that Kapu Aloha is the only way to proceed.

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  1. blue wolf 9 years ago

    are all students willing to not partake in classes (all grade levels)

  2. blue wolf 9 years ago

    are all students willing to stay at home due to the mental stress, along with religious beliefs ? (all grades)

  3. blue wolf 9 years ago

    i guess google is not allowing my e-mail, bluewolfkakin@gmail.com to be accessed so here it is?

  4. Haneoo Hamoan 9 years ago

    Mahalo NUNUI ‘oiwiTV!!!! for all of your works!!! to all staff and or contributors in every dept. in everyway, MAHALO!!!!! ( ;

  5. Franchesca 9 years ago

    I’m not from your beautiful island, I just learned about all that you are doing. I hope you the best ! Keep fighting! –Love Fran

  6. YellowWolf 5 years ago

    It is good to see the people awaken. It is good to see the people lead from their hearts and know that nonviolence is the way to go. My prayers go with you, always ??

  7. Angela 5 years ago

    I am a KANAKA Maoli,Hawaiian. And reside here ,but iliili Olelo, so ,I try to make it up to the Mauna as much as I canto morally support my people. Akua love us all . Even though our skin is honey brown. We stand together no matter ,Aloha is Love. The mo’o will gives the will. to strive to the PIKO.

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