Get Activated! OHA Launches Kamakakoʻi Website

Get Activated! OHA Launches Kamakakoʻi Website


“What we’ve learned in the past decades, is that the success of our efforts, are strongest when we are clear about our causes and the solutions that we seek,” says Kamanaʻopono Crabbe, the CEO of the Office of Hawaiian Affairs.

The Office of Hawaiian Affairs officially launched the Kamakakoʻi website, created to help inform and activate community members.

Kehau Abad, the Community Engagement Director of the Office of Hawaiian Affairs says that “the need for Kamakakoʻi has been with our lāhui for a long time. A lot of it has to do with governance. How do we provide for our people better? How do we care for our people better? And there is no better akua that relates to that than Kū. And so we wanted to pick something from his realm. So the koʻi is that realm of his, and it has that maka, on that front, that blade, so Kamakakoʻi, that cutting edge that is shaping a new future for us.”

“It’s not meant to replace other means of advocacy or activism. But what it does is, it helps to share information and spread the word at a very rapid pace, through your own personal social networks; through Twitter, through Facebook, through Google.” says Ryan Gonzalez, the Digital Media Manager at the Office of Hawaiian Affairs.

“As an attorney, I go into court and I argue; and when I’m arguing on my client’s behalf, it’s just one voice. I think that the possibility of this being available to the masses is huge. In that respect, this needs to happen.” says Moses Haia, an attorney at the Native Hawaiian Legal Corporation.

“This is also a perfect tool for the younger Hawaiian generation, like my students. They can easily research all the information and share it with their friends. This is of great value for our people.” says Hawaiian Practicioner, Hinaleimoana Wong-Kalu.

Kehau Abad also says that “the collective voice, combined with the collective mana, the collective power of each of us, coming together, can move any issue. And that is Kamakakoʻi.”

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