Mana Wahine: Female Empowerment

Mana Wahine: Female Empowerment

Presenter: Kuʻualoha Hoʻomanawanui

Traditional stories in many cultures lay the foundation for cultural values and expectations, and Hawaiian moʻolelo (history, stories) are no different. This presentation focuses on theme of mana wahine (female empowerment) in traditional literature such as Pele and Hiʻiaka to discuss how such powerful female ancestors can guide Kanaka Maoli today in ways that uplift and support cultural connections that contribute to better spiritual and mental health and overall well-being.

About ʻAha Wahine

On February 4, 2012, more than 300 Native Hawaiian women gathered to inspire, inquire, invest, and invigorate each other with ʻike, aloha, and kuleana. Presentations by highly regarded experts covered topics that concerned our ancestral gods, our modern day leaders, health issues that are unique to us, and economic issues that affect us. This gathering was an opportunity to garner ideas for the larger ʻAha Wahine that will happen in August 2011.

More information about the upcoming August conference can be found at

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  1. Taylor Quanan 4 years ago

    I am interested to learn more about this opportunity, can you please share their contact information?

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