Nā Loea: The Masters | Ed Wendt: The Great Heart of Waiokāne

Nā Loea: The Masters | Ed Wendt: The Great Heart of Waiokāne

Fulfilling a soldier’s duty to preserve life, Edward Wendt personifies servant leadership with a tenacious resolve to fight for what is right. A Vietnam War veteran and a strong advocate for native Hawaiian rights, he used ancestral knowledge to survive in both scenarios. Ed continues to apply this knowledge to his current battle with sugar industry conglomerate Alexander & Baldwin, and its subsidiary East Maui Irrigation. He fights to end to the century-long atrocity of water diversions that drain the very life force from his ancestral lands in Wailuanui. Courageous fortitude and dedication allowed Ed his day in court, resulting in the return of these life-giving waters. Maintaining traditional Hawaiian practices is an on-going crusade as we propel into modernity and Ed sees it as something worth continuing to fight for.

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  1. Vanessa Lee Miller 10 years ago

    This documentary was so touching, it inspires and encourages me to join the leo of community leaders like Ed Wendt and his ‘ohana to persevere and protect what we see and feel are valuable to the maka’ainana. One quote that touched me the most was “but as one kanaka, when your kūpuna give you something, you better cherish it….”

    E ola mau nō.

  2. Tom Aiono 9 years ago

    A very courageous move Ed Wendt…and I fully support what youre fighting for, I believe future generations of Hawaiians will truly appreciate what youre doing…

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