PIKO – A Gathering of Indigenous Artists

PIKO – A Gathering of Indigenous Artists

Produced by Nā Maka o ka ʻĀina

Influenced by the cool uplands and abundant reefs of the Kohala district, the volcano deity Pele, the sacred summit of Maunakea and their own cultural traditions, artists from throughout the Pacific and Pacific Rim come together on Hawai`i island to create collaborative works of fine art.

Held in June 2007, the PIKO gathering brought together 115 master and emerging indigenous artists from Aotearoa, Australia, Torres Strait Islands, Mauritius and Papua New Guinea, as well as First Nations and Native American artists from North America.

Over five days, PIKO artists created individual and collaborative works in the areas of stone and wood carving, painting, clay, jewelry, weaving, kapa, digital arts, glass, featherwork and printmaking.

This video was produced for the Keomailani Hanapi Foundation, established in August of 1998 to increase the number, accessibility, and visibility to native Hawaiian art and artists.  The Foundation, home based in Waimea in the Kohala district of Hawai`i island, is currently implementing a three-year Native Hawaiian Pilot Art Education Project called HOEA:  Hawaiian `Ohana for Education in the Arts.

The project encompasses arts education and literacy, art exhibits, art markets, a community art center, and an accredited postsecondary School of Hawaiian Fine Arts.

This documentary was made possible by support from Administration for Native Americans, Ford Foundation, Office of Hawaiian Affairs, Keomailani Hanapi Foundation and Na Maka o ka `Aina.

Produced and directed by Puhipau and Joan Lander of Na Maka o ka `Aina

To purchase this DVD, please visit the Nā Maka o ka ʻĀina website

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