Mālama Honua: ʻOhana Hōkūleʻa | Episode 1

Mālama Honua: ʻOhana Hōkūleʻa | Episode 1

Episode 1

Building on more than 30 years of learning and voyaging, Hōkūleʻa and her crew now prepare to circumnavigate the globe carrying a message of Mālama Honua – Caring for Our Island Earth. Join us as we look back to the inception of this renowned double-hulled voyaging canoe and the leaders that paved the way for this Worldwide Voyage. In this episode, we look into the physical, mental and spiritual training and preparation that both waʻa and crew endure to be ready for their most ambitious journey yet.

About the Series

Nearly 40 years ago, the founders of the Polynesian Voyaging Society dreamed of rebuilding a double-hulled canoe similar to those of our ancestors. What began as an effort to disprove critics who doubted Polynesians’ ability to sail purposefully and settle their vast nation unaided by navigational instruments has grown into a cultural reawakening, a new generation of leaders, and a living commitment to sustainability.

Hōkūleʻa originally sailed to rediscover and then to reconnect. Now she’s circling the globe carrying a message of Mālama Honua, or caring for Our Island Earth, as we struggle with the degradation of our land and oceans with the firm belief that our ancient wisdom will inspire contemporary solutions.

Join in this movement as we sail through the past, and venture into new waters of relationships and change!

Mālama Honua: ʻOhana Hōkūleʻa is a collaboration between the Polynesian Voyaging Society, ʻŌiwi TV, and Hawaiʻi News Now.

ʻŌiwi TV reaches across generations, socio-economic statuses, and geographic locations as the sole media venue where the Hawaiian language, culture and perspective thrive. Through Digital Channel 326, ʻŌiwi TV reaches over 220,000 households across the entire State via Oceanic Time Warner Cable’s network. Through its website, mobile, and social media venues, ʻŌiwi TV is reaching Hawaiians everywhere and engaging a generation of Hawaiians that expect to access anything and everything from anywhere at anytime.

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  1. Tom Morelli, M.D. 10 years ago

    Thank you for your gift…. Educating the world to realize we are one people….. to be at Peace…. TM

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