Huakaʻi Papahānaumokuākea 2012: Behind The Lens at Papahānaumokuākea

Huakaʻi Papahānaumokuākea 2012: Behind The Lens at Papahānaumokuākea
You’ve seen the many stories put forth on this journey of the places and people of Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument.  Now take a step behind the lens of the camera and witness the journey from the experiences of the 3-man documentary crew that put it all together.
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  1. kdavis2002 12 years ago

    The documentary was very interesting.  I hope you publish more pictures. I heard that when divers went into the reefs they found many species that have never been seen before. I hope that future videos will be presented to tee the new sea creatures.
    Is it also true that one day Google map will come out and video the reefs as they did in the Marianas (?) trench.

  2. Connecticut 12 years ago

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