Molokaʻi Hoe Preparations

Molokaʻi Hoe Preparations


There are a lot of races out there to be won, but crossing the Molokaʻi channel tops them all. In honor of the paddlers and paddlers at heart, we dedicate an entire episode to the competition, culture and craft of outrigger canoe paddling here in Hawaiʻi.


Competing in what most consider being the world championship of long distance canoe racing, what does it take to prepare for crossing the Kaʻiwi Chanel? Paddlers train all year to reach this final race of long distance season. We take a look at the wāhine of Hui Nalu as they embark on Nā Wāhine O Ke Kai.



We visit to master woodworker and long-time paddler, Uncle Bobby Puakea, who shows us what makes the perfect paddle. We talk story with one of the paddlers who swears by these Puakea paddles.



In times not too long ago, paddling was a major mode of transportation, and one of the main ways to supply your family with food. It has now evolved to its present day form as the states official team sport, continuing this time long tradition.



We take a look at the Napoleon ʻohana. From veteran paddler Nappy Napoleon, his wife, champion surfer and kayaker, Anona Napoleon to their children and now grandchildren perpetuating the Napoleon legacy and great love for the ocean.



Whether it is crossing the Kaʻiwi Chanel, or sailing around the world by stars, clouds and currents, these feats take preparation, hard work and determination.



E ʻōlelo Hawaiʻi pū mai nō kākou! Here are some useful paddling and waʻa terminologies for all our waʻa enthusiasts.

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