Wahi Koʻikoʻi: Kūʻīlioloa

Wahi Koʻikoʻi: Kūʻīlioloa
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The Hawai’i Tourism Authority presents Wahi Koʻikoʻi. This series visits significant places in Hawaiʻi.  Kūʻīlioloa, The ancient navigational heiau remains an inspiration for young Hawaiian navigators today.
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  1. Christophor oliveira 11 years ago

    Who ever is the producer should contact the kahu of this heiau as to not pperpetuate the wrong information. Kuilioloa was not a navigator kuilioloa was the god for lonokaehu also the stones that were shown was from the reconstruction of 1978 and they came from one uncle of waianae who i will not name. The original name for pokaʻi was malaea and marae point. Kaneilio was the god prior to kuilioloa as the kupukaaina families of waianae were kane worshippers. Also moikeha was the first navigator from kahiki and he had two navigators named pokaʻi and maweke.oiwi tv please contact the right people for these wahi pana just because aila ilives in waianae and holds office does not at all make him an expert. To not ask the kahu is very disrespectful. Nana i ke kumu

  2. LUCIA Tarallo 2 years ago

    I agree…lived in Wai’anae for years and never heard the Tahiti and navigation story…get your sources right.

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