Waimea: A Model for the State

Waimea: A Model for the State


Governor Neil Abercrombie and other state entities, such as the Office of Hawaiian Affairs, visited Waimea for discussion led by WOW Farm owner, Mike Hodson, on a self-sustainability initiative dealing with Agriculture.

for more information on OHA, visit: http://www.oha.org 

for more information on WOW Farm, visit: http://www.wowfarms.com

“I ka wā ma mua, ua maʻa kākou i ka mahi ʻai. E ʻimi ana kākou e hoʻi i kēlā nohona.

Ua kūkulu ka poʻe WOW Farm i ʻoihana ma ia ʻano.” wahi a OHA Big Island Trustee, Bob Lindsey.


Ua hui kekahi mau lālā nui o ke aupuni ma Waimea no ke kūkā ʻana no kekahi pāhana kaiaulu i hoʻolālā ʻia e Mike Hodson me kāna ʻoihana ʻo WOW Farm. He pāhana i pili i ka ʻoihana mahi ʻai ma ka ʻāina hoʻopulapula ma Waimea.


ʻŌlelo ke kiaʻāina, Neil Ambercromnie, “hiki iā kākou, ke aupuni, ke holomua ma ka ʻoihana meaʻai. He laʻana maikaʻi kēia no ke aupuni holoʻokoʻa.”


“Ua loaʻa he 161 ʻāina hoʻopulapula i hoʻokaʻawale ʻia no ke kaiaulu. He 28 mau pāhana. ʻO kekahi, he mau pāhana hoʻoulu kālā. I kēia lā, ua kālele mākou ma ko ke aupuni hana no ka hoʻonui mahi ʻai ma ke kaiaulu.” wahi a Mike Hodson, ka ʻona ʻo WOW Farm.

“He mea nui ka hānai meaʻai, pēia pū ka mahi ʻai. No laila he koʻikoʻi kēia pāhana. Makemake mākou e hoʻohana i kēia pāhana i laʻana no ke aupuni holoʻokoʻa.” i ʻōlelo ai ʻo Dwight Takamine, mai ka State Department of Labor.


Wahi a ke kiaʻāina, “Ke hana like nei ko kākou mau keʻena. Mākaukau mākou e alulike no ka holomua ʻana o kēia hana.”


“Makemake lākou e kaʻanalike i ko lākou ʻike. Hiki i ka poʻe a pau ke komo pū.” wahi a Trustee Lindsey.


“Inā kōkua ʻoe i ka poʻe a pau o kou kaiaulu, hauʻoli ka poʻe a pau me ka minoʻaka, e mālama ana ka poʻe kekahi i kekahi. No laila pono kekahi e alakaʻi i ia hana. No laila haʻi au i kaʻu wahine a ʻohana, pehea ke alakaʻi kākou?” i ʻōlelo ai ʻo mike Hodson.


ʻO wau nō ʻo Kuʻulei Bezilla no ʻŌiwiTV, aloha.

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“Our people were the most sustainable people here on the earth once upon a time, and that’s what we want to get back to. What they’ve done at WOW Farms, they’ve created a system which makes them economically sovereign.” says OHA Big Island Trustee, Bob Lindsey.


Government officials met at Waimea to discuss a community initiative, created by  Mike Hodson and WOW Farm, for the Homestead which focuses on Agriculture.


Governor Neil Abercrombie says that, “this gives us the opportunity to tell the entire state that were ready to move towards self-sustainability, food security. It’s a good model for the entire state.“


“In our community project, we have 161 acres of community land; homestead land that was designated for the community. We have 28 different projects. 11 or 12 of them are economic projects to generate income so that we self-sufficient. Today focused a lot on the entire 161 acre project, mainly on the states role on increasing agriculture in our community for food security, food safety.” says Mike Hodson, owner of WOW Farm.


“Sustainability is key.” says Dwight Takamine, from the State Department of Labor. “Therefore Ag is key. This project becomes a priority and key, and a concern. We want to use this to replicate, not on one island, but throughout the state.”


“All of our departments are working together. We’re ready to work horizontally, across the board on behalf of this vision.“ says the Governor.


“They’re willing to share what they learned along the way. There is enough room for everybody.” says Trustee Lindsey.


“If you help all your neighbors, everyone in your community successful, everybody going be happy, everybody is going to be smiling, everybody is going to be taking care of each other. So somebody got to take the lead and help the community out. So I told my wife, my four adult children, that why not us?” says Mike Hodson.


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