Mālama Hawaiʻi on Lānaʻi

Mālama Hawaiʻi on Lānaʻi

Pwo Navigator, Nainoa Thompson says that, “the importance of us being here is a number of reasons. For me, an agreement was with the community that we were going to create an opportunity to make sure that young people on Lānaʻi have an opportunity and a chance to train for the worldwide voyage, and be on it as representatives of that island…can we look at this, stop by Hōkūleʻa for the next four days as the genesis, as the beginning, maybe of the next 10 years? And can we look at it where we can ask Lānaʻi permission to be with us on the worldwide voyage, and how do we do that? One is to bring their children down to the canoe and get them connected. Yes we sail here as guests, but we’re being brought here by them, by those who live here. So that was, even though there was no wind, it was amazing to just sit down and listen to them and who they are and what they believe in. And I think that that first voyage from Lahaina, Manele had to happen with them being on board as part of the crew.”

Kolomona “Sol” Kahoʻohalahala, a Lānaʻi Resident and crewmember of Hōkūleʻa says, “You know I always enjoy anytime I can be on the canoe. And it’s just almost second nature, you know…I was very happy that I could bring my moʻopuna along. I think having her on that short voyage, for me, was a tremendous moment and I know that in her time that it will make much more sense. I hope that in these opportunities, in these little times, she will find her place. And I hope that we’re going to bring her into the fold, so that this whole idea of who we are, and then that she will bear the generational kuleana.”

“We’re looking forward to using the worldwide voyage to have a long-term relationship. Not so much for me, but for young people that are going to be on all of our islands in Hawaii, that has a chance to come together because the canoe has that kind of gravity. And it’s all going to be defined by weather it’s relevant to young children, and Iʻm just grateful to their community… being so embracing in allowing us to come.” says Nainoa.

“I just, I think for me, and for the people of Lānaʻi, to have Hōkū and Hikianalia here, and to be a part of it is just totally awesome… that we can be a part of the voyage and know that as she starts moving to many new places, new horizons, that we can see ourselves in that here at home. So that, I think, is what that opportunity for her and Hikianalia to be on Lānaʻi is going to help the people of Lānaʻi with.” says Sol.

“When we mess up the planet, we mess this up for our children.  When we hurt this earth, we hurt them! And then when we ruin something or put it extinct we took it away from them.” says Nainoa.

Sol says, “I remember over a year ago, having a conversation with Nainoa…when the idea of doing a worldwide voyage and taking the message of mālama and mālama honua now is the theme…we talked about whether or not Hawaiʻi could carry that message. And how it would be like if we went on a world voyage, and we were professing to carry this idea of mālama and then we would look at our own home and go, are we really truly in mālama? If we cannot achieve that here at home on Lānaʻi, then I don’t know if I can carry that message around, so we have started.”

“If they’re successful, it’s not for Lānaʻi by itself, that’s for all of us, every single one of us, to see the pathway and the voyage; to make sure we’re focused on them, and we take care of them. And when they are successful at that, then what it does is, it throws the responsibility back to us to be successful in our own homes, our own communities. So I’m really hopeful that Lānaʻi will help chart the course, set and find that destination for all of us.” says Nainoa.

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