Jack Johnson, Paula Fuga, & Chucky Boy Chock: Nā Hoʻokele ʻŌpiopio

Jack Johnson, Paula Fuga, & Chucky Boy Chock: Nā Hoʻokele ʻŌpiopio

With Hōkūleʻa and Hikianalia making their way for another leg in the Worldwide Voyage, the Polynesian Voyaging Society reflects back on the many types of donations that have helped to spread the message of Mālama Honua thus far.

“There are times when you are going to need to pay bills, so you need actual cash donations, and in that there are a number of people who do that. But there are many others that contribute in-kind donations,” said Polynesian Voyage Society CEO Clyde Namuʻo.

“The Hōkūleʻa is one of those things that is huge in all of our lives. I was just excited, just as a fan and somebody who grew up hearing the stories my whole life. Just the ideas that it would go beyond Polynesia and to take Hawaiʻi’s story outside of the Pacific Ocean. It sounded exciting,” said renowned musician Jack Johnson.

This excitement inspired one of the more recent in-kind donations – a new original composition by Chucky Boy Chock, Paula Fuga, and Jack Johnson, himself, in honor of Hōkūleʻa and the Worldwide Voyage.

“When I got to hear the lyrics and saw that it was about the young navigators, and being that I had the chance to go sailing and meet a lot of the young navigators, I realized that so many of them are courageous young women. I thought it would be great to have Paula Fuga’s voice on the track because I thought it would be really great to have that strong feminine voice,” said Jack.

Paula sings a section of the song that talks about the ways in which these navigators are being trained.

“Basically talking about the ideas of the young navigators learning from not just the masters, Nainoa, and all the knowledge they have to offer, but also from the ocean itself, the stars, listening to the wind, hearing the words of their ancestors, and that was just the basic idea, talking about the young navigators,” said Jack.

This song will be used as a way to share Hōkūleʻas growth during her Worldwide Voyage. And its composers hope to spread this message around the world, wherever the canoes will journey.

“It’s people wanting to be a part of the Worldwide Voyage, in any way possible. That’s a real contribution,” said Clyde.

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