Feeding Ourselves-Feeding Our Nation: How to Build a Drybox

Feeding Ourselves-Feeding Our Nation: How to Build a Drybox

Produced by the Kamehameha Schools

In this segment from “Feeding Ourselves-Feeding Our Nation” Pokiʻi Magallanes shows and explains how to make a dry box.

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  1. David Buchanan 8 years ago

    May I please get the plans and instructions sent to my email? I’m looking to build this for my farm on Molokai. I want to dry fruits, fish, meats. If this is what it is about then please forward this to me. Thank you.

    David Buchanan

  2. Wes 8 years ago

    Just was wondering if it’s ok to ask for the dimensions for the Dry Box and if can send to my email .. I know how make mango seed but don’t really know how to build dry box lol.. So if can please send so I no need spend to much money lol Mahalo …

  3. JoAnn 8 years ago

    I’m 59 and a mother of five children and 13 grandchildren. Buying gifts for all occasions is very hard for me. I would appreciate if I can have dimensions on dry box for my son for his upcoming birthday. I may be way over my age but was taught by my dad that even as a female you can do anything. So at a young age he taught me to use a variety of tools. I’m so proud of all the things he have taught me. Being from Kauai and raised with 10 other siblings which 8 of them are brothers. From three girls I am a very handy woman which my sisters are not. So if I could get your approval of my letter it would be greatly appreciated and can pass down m knowledge down to my grandchildren. Much aloha!

  4. Deanna Rosa 8 years ago

    Aloha kakou I was wondering if it would be possible to email me the plans for this box?!?! I’d really like to make this box..my family and I hunt, fish and five on Maui and I could make lots of use out of this box..Mahalo nui loa a me a hui hou!!!

  5. Flo K. Tabag 8 years ago

    I am a 74 yr young kupunawahine and I want the plans to make me a dry box. I am on fixed income so I buy my meats once a month. To make it last longer, I like to marinate, salt all my mea ‘ai. Mahalo nui. Reminds me of my makua. mahalo.

  6. Doreene Kealohanui 7 years ago

    May I have plans and instructions for the dry box emailed to me? Mahalo nui.

  7. Winstanley F 7 years ago

    Can I have the plans for the dry box too PLEASE? If Can! I live kawaihae homestead and get choke sun out here to dry fish but I don’t have a dry box! Would be nice to have my own! Much mahalo!

    • Kah 6 years ago

      Hi I was just wandering if you have the instructions on how to make this dry box. I am from Hāna and the community lives off hunting and fishing. My dad would appreciate this as a gift and I would like to make it for him.

  8. Kai Meyer 5 years ago

    So the food is dried on the metal mesh- is this treated metal? Most of the stuff you buy in the hardware store is galvanized- not sure if I want that on my food…..

  9. Haaheo 5 years ago

    Aloha Kaua. I’m making mango seed for the first time, yesterday. I have 2 big pans & put the fruit on top, covered it with a strainer cloth & put it outside on the porch. Auwe! This morning…plenty juice, bugs & 1 beautiful green mo’o under the cloth. I would, very much, enjoy making this dry box for fruit & fish. Me ke aloha pumehana.

  10. Kaipukai 5 years ago

    I know it’s an old topic but for others who happen upon in the future here is a link for dry box in pdf: https://www.cds.hawaii.edu/kahana/downloads/curriculum/SectionII/Unit3/3.C.MeaaiaFoodScience/3.C.4.HowtoMakeaDryBox.pdf

    Making a dry box is very simple, it’s just a square box with screens on 2 sides and a door.

    @Kai Meyer… no it’s not treated but throughout my 70 years my family and I have consumed fish and certain fruit dried in my box without suffering any ill effects. Cooking food on top of galvanized metal is of course toxic.

  11. Vivian Craycraft 4 years ago

    Could I please have the instructions
    For this dry box. I dry mangos for mango

  12. Kirstin 3 years ago

    May I get written instructions or a list of materials and dimensions used? I would like to make this with my keikis and teach them sustainability.

  13. Ashu 1 year ago

    Thanks for the sharing informative article, I really like this post.

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