Paʻa Ke Aupuni: The Reel History of Hawaiʻi

Paʻa Ke Aupuni: The Reel History of Hawaiʻi

Paʻa Ke Aupuni is a unique 60-minute hand- drawn, animated film that gets straight to the point. It zooms in on key facts explaining how the Hawaiian Kingdom came to be, how it evolved to stand firmly on the international world stage of sovereign nations, and how the United States came to claim Hawai‘i.

In many ways, Ke Aupuni Hawai‘i, the Hawaiian government, remains pa‘a—steadfast and enduring.

Yet “pa‘a” can also describe something that is stuck or retained, in this case by powers holding fast to control over Hawai‘i.

Pa‘a Ke Aupuni lays bare the realities of this history. It’s a set of facts we all need to know as the push to reestablish a Hawaiian nation gains momentum.

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Writer & Executive Producer
Kēhaunani Abad

Creative Director & Producer
Cynthia Y.H. Derosier

Animation Lead
James Hall

Character Design & Art Production
Ruth Moen

Ryan “Gonzo” Gonzalez

Associate Producer
Alice Malepeai Silbanuz

Voice of Pueo
Kahu Wendell Kalanikapuaenui Silva

Pueo Animation Unit
Hyperspective Studios

Music & Sound Design
Pacific Music Productions

Under the direction of nine trustees elected statewide, OHA has functioned operationally as both a government agency with a strong degree of autonomy, and as a trust. Unlike the Bishop Estate, the Queen Emma Foundation, the Queen Lili'uokalani Trust, the Lunalilo Trust and the Department of Hawaiian Home Lands—with their specific, respective purposes of education, medical care, children’s welfare, kūpuna care and homesteading—OHA has a much broader mandate. Its purpose is to provide the opportunity for a better life and future for all Hawaiians. To mālama (protect) Hawai'i's people and environmental resources and OHA's assets, toward ensuring the perpetuation of the culture, the enhancement of lifestyle and the protection of entitlements of Native Hawaiians, while enabling the building of a strong and healthy Hawaiian people and nation, recognized nationally and internationally.


  1. Debs Ahronson 9 years ago

    This animation is to be strongly applauded. So well laid out with an indisputable, detailed clarity and I will share it with as many people as I can. My only question is where were the allied nations when these atrocities were taking place? Where was their help?
    While OHA does many of the things stated above it appears to me to be a toothless entity, selective in its actions, perhaps to ensure its own continued existence.

  2. christian beaumont 3 years ago

    This is a good idea.

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