ʻAha Kāne 2012- “Hakukole” a Cutdown With a Smile

ʻAha Kāne 2012- “Hakukole” a Cutdown With a Smile

‘A‘ohe inoa komo ‘ole o ka ‘ai. No name prevents food from entering the mouth (Similar to the saying, “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me).

This PowerPoint presentation explores an often over-looked genre of Hawaiian poetry and slang – Hakukole. Issues of infidelity, sexual/ physical inadequacy, stupidity, bad manners, irritation, sarcasm, dark humor and revenge are revealed through chant, songs, proverbs and gestures. No one was immune to being the object of a mele hakukole or hakukole-like saying. Chiefs, commoners, young, old, male or female: all were fair game in the battle of put-downs and wits

Presenter:  Keali‘i Reichel

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