Maunakea Supreme Court Hearing: August 27, 2015 | Full Raw Footage

Maunakea Supreme Court Hearing: August 27, 2015 | Full Raw Footage

View the entire Supreme Court Hearing on TMT and Maunakea from August 27, 2015. This is unedited, raw footage.

View our video recap.

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  1. Leigh Cidney Keonekaulana Case 9 years ago

    Truly grateful for justice on behalf of our beloved Mauna A Wakea!!!!

  2. Mary 9 years ago

    If you’ve driven the Mana road through the hundreds of acres of Gorse, your hear will weep at the sight of the unmanaged lands of Mauna Kea. This is one of the world’s top 10 invasive species that has entered our Mountain. It is sad….truly sad. How can we go back? Destruction has already begun.

  3. Lani 9 years ago

    I have heard that question many times, Mary. One of the most simplest response I have heard is this: “Your 6 year old wants to drink milk. She goes and pours herself a glass. She accidentally drops the milk. Would you as a parent just stand there and wait for the rest of the milk to spill out of the container or would you try to save whatever you can before it all comes out?”

  4. Leigh Cidney Keonekaulana Case 9 years ago

    Mary, it’s 1 thing to “look” @ the invasive species & weep…it is another thing to pull out your `Pick, Shovel, `O`o, Hoe, Rake & Any other tool you have & go dig-um out & burn-um & re-plant what you know belongs!!! I have been told “guinea grass” is near impossible to get rid of…I tried to poison it with Natural stuff like Hawaiian Salt & Vinegar & it fights back!!! But I dig-um out with my pick till all get is dirt & plant my Kalo & what??? As long as I keep going…keep weeding…keep fighting…the Kalo grow STRONGER!!!! I know about the Gorse!!! I grew up all through Hopuwai & sen how it ripped through that pasture land!!! But nobody decided to fight it HARD!!!!! Somebody break into your house, grab your baby by the neck & decide they want to do “whatever” what you going do…sit down & cry???” NO YOU GOING TAKE THE INVADER OUT!!!!! OR DIE TRYING!!!!!!!

  5. Leigh Cidney Keonekaulana Case 9 years ago

    I do not mean to sound rude, mean, insensitive, or belittle anybody. I am a fighter & come from a Family who is Loyal to The Land. Dr. Billy Bergin talks about my Family in his Book by the same title: “LOYAL TO THE LAND.” I am the grandson of “Dr. Leonard Newton Case” who was the 1st Territorial Vet on this Island. He was victorious over diseases in horses & cattle which nearly destroyed our Hawaiian Ranches!!! If my grandpa could pull off what was supposedly impossible…then “who am I to just roll over & just give up??? Yeah he was 1 “Ha`ole” but his love & loyalty drove many paniolo to love him in return!!!! How do I know this? I saw the tears well up in the eyes of paniolo from Huehue Ranch when they talked about my grandpa!!! I already knew Parker Ranch paniolo loved him, but from another Ranch??? Then again grandpa traveled by horse & buggy back in the day & my Daddy went with him!!! ill I Do Whatever It Takes??? `Ae!!! Pololei Iluna!!! I’m a “Case” it’s what we do!!!!

  6. Samantha Sherline 9 years ago

    I am praying for all our protectors that the courts decision will be a positive one for our Maunakea,
    for our Aina and all who love it.

  7. Arahi 9 years ago

    I have listened over and overv to this court hearing 27 August 2015. It’s a heartfelt journey and weep. I fully tautoko you in the breaches of your whenua/land, maunga/mountains, moana/seas, and ohana/whanau. We here in Aotearoa/New Zealand have this same fight for many, many, many years, since the European came to Aotearoa. Land confiscations, diseases, punished (verbally, physically, mentally) for speaking our language. Our Tuupuna/elders in those were tricked into many wrong from some of these greedy, selfish people, and how TE TREATY O WAITANGI was intepreted wrongly by European in regards to how Tangata Whenua/people of this land has a more deep rooted meaning in words that they don’t understand. It’s taken years, years, and many more years and still to this day, that it’s ok, but lots still need to be done for our generation today. I have lots of admiration and respect to know that we are with each of your ohana and share your grief of how your whole environment should be looked after. Kia kaha, kia maia, kia manawanui, aroha nui rawa atu whanau. Arahi Waara. Aotearoa/New Zealand.

  8. Tane 9 years ago

    Does this mean that a “preliminary permit” allows one receiving it to begin ground-breaking and proceed with building before receiving a permanent permit? It doesn’t make sense.

  9. JS 9 years ago

    What about the jobs and the advances to science this telescope will bring? The advances in science that this telescope brings will advance the whole human race. Mauna Kea will still be there. To block the telescope only benefits the few Hawaiians who care about it, what about the rest of humans? We need to see what’s in our Universe. The mountain will still be there. Who is hurt by a telescope on the mountain? The mountain will still be there, and so will you.

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