Project Kuleana 2 – Ka Na‘i Aupuni

Project Kuleana 2 – Ka Na‘i Aupuni

Hawaiian artists participated in an inter-island kani ka pila encouraging our kanaka to ʻauamo kuleana. All performances were recorded live on location.

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  1. Reynold Pahukoa 8 years ago

    thank you oiwi for the project you put out i feel like i reconnected too my roots i really miss the old days thank you for bringing this too social media my first time watching and i am already move, motivated, too go deeper into my culture. I really want too learn my language very greatful for the programs you put out there.
    Mahalo Reynold Pahukoa

  2. Lenora Lee Cassil 6 years ago

    I love this. I wish I had learned the language when I was growin g up. My mother spoke it but never taught us . I have two grand nieces at Kamehameha and I am so glad there will be someone in the family that can carry on our heritage. I am 1/4 Hawaiian and in this day and age it is more than most people have. As I get older (84) and living in Oklahoma, I really appreciate hearing from you. Thank you.

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