Huakaʻi Papahānaumokuākea: Tern Island (French Frigate Shoals)

Huakaʻi Papahānaumokuākea: Tern Island (French Frigate Shoals)

Tern Island is one of the atolls in Kānemiloha‘i (French Frigate Shoals). Learn more about his unique ecosystem and wildlife sanctuary in this story by Nāʻālehu Anthony.


For more information on Tern Island:

Papahānaumokuākea – French Frigate Shoals

Wikipedia – Tern Island (Hawaii)


Huakaʻi Papahānaumokuākea 2012

An ʻŌiwi TV film crew joined a NOAA research vessel in September 2012 to document Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument. Very few people are allowed access to this protected marine sanctuary and witness first-hand the abundance of wildlife and cultural sites throughout the island chain. The video, pictures, and stories sent back by the ʻŌiwi TV crew is aimed to give everyone a chance to see and learn about this amazing place.





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